Shopify Store Setup

This package is perfect for those just starting out. We'll help you choose a theme, configure your store and get you up and running within a week.

What’s included?

As experienced Shopify store builders, we can set up your store professionally using our in-house experts and Shopify knowledge, allowing you to get ready for launch day without worrying about the technical side. All themes work on every device and you won’t have any load time issues or errors with a professional store setup.

Theme selection

We will provide advice on selecting a theme that fits your requirements from the Shopify theme store, and base your Shopify store build around this theme. We will ensure all pages will work perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Theme setup & branding

Even though we're starting with a theme, we can still customise typography, imagery and colour palettes. A professionally designed website is one that customers will trust. We’ll make use of any lifestyle photography and logos you provide.

Configuration & optimisation

SEO is vital for e-commerce stores if you are keen to succeed. Our Shopify store build includes SEO optimised code so that your website ranks highly on Google. We will even configure your Google Analytics account so you can monitor your own web traffic.

Uploads & Updating

We will upload the first 5 products for you and make sure it is easy for you to continue to update and maintain your store. Your simple order management view make business critical sales days such as Black Friday easy to navigate and launch.

Peace of mind & Payments

With your mind set on a launch day, you want everything to run smoothly. We test your store for you and guide you through the launch process. We will also test your payment gateways which we will set up for you to make sure no purchases are lost due to technical fault.

What’s not included?

Just to keep things transparent so there are no hidden charges or surprises, there are a few things not included in our Store Setup Bundle, including:

  • Premium Shopify theme: If you opt for a paid-for Shopify theme, you’ll need to cover the cost which ranges from $140 - $270, there are free options available however.
  • Logo design: We don’t provide any branding or logo design as part of this service. With the store set up we expect you to provide any product or lifestyle photography and logos, ready to set up your store.
  • Project management and meetings: We want to set your store up quickly and find face-to-face meetings will slow this process down. We conduct everything via email and give you direct access to our experts who will be able to get your store up and running with in the week.
  • Training: We don’t provide training as part of this service, but you will get an operating manual and the Shopify team offer help, support and guidance 24/7.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth design process, you may consider upgrading to our Shopify Theme Customisation Package or the eWorks project. Additional features include:

  • Code changes to the theme: Our store setup service doesn’t include making code changes to the Shopify theme. If you’re looking for particular tweaks, our Shopify Theme Customisation Package includes 5 days of customisation from our in-house developers.
  • Bespoke web design: You won’t get a custom design for your store - instead we’ll be using a pre-built theme. If you’re looking for a complete individual look with additional e-commerce or business management features, you may consider the eWorks project, which includes an in-depth design phase, project management services and extensive design and development from our in-house experts.

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