Shopify Tweaks

Whatever your budget, we’ll customise and tweak your Shopify store

Do you look at your business and can tell your store is not looking or functioning the best? Are you thinking It’s a little slow, your competitors are ahead of you, and you cannot figure out what to do next?

You need a Shopify expert to do something now to attract visitors then turn them into customers. Every day you muck around with no expert guidance is a day of missed sales.

Save yourself the hassles of making unprofitable site updates or freezing by doing nothing.

Allow me to become your secret weapon.

I work fast and efficiently to make small changes to your store in an affordable way. I can add new features to your site, or simply make changes to existing features.

I can help you in tweaking any issue on your store which starts from $50 USD.

Whatever your idea's are big or small, lets make it happen together. Get in touch today and get on top things.

Here are real examples of small tasks we can help you with:


  • Small design, style and CSS changes
  • Small graphic and image edits
  • Quick Shopify app configurations
  • Small Theme layout fixes, tweaks and configurations
  • Small HTML and JavaScript changes
  • Forms fixes and modifications
  • Social media images
  • Troubleshooting questions
  • Shopify app recommendations
  • Popular Shopify theme questions
  • Billing, payout and payment gateway questions
  • Shopify best practice questions

Examples of small tweaks and modifications:

  • Design/Layout (Header, Footer, Product details page, collection page)
  • Styling & Fonts (Applying new fonts family and fix typography issue)
  • Adding Newsletter Popup
  • Adding Instagram Photos
  • Adding Multi-Currency or Auto Currency switcher feature
  • Adding Shipping Calculator
  • Displaying Stock Level
  • Displaying multiple options for selecting variants (example: Color 1 and Color 2)