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You’ve got the vision. You’ve got the dream. What you need is the website to match.


Hello! I'm Dan. Your savvy web designer + developer

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Do you want your brand to be recognized online? Do you want to grow your website visitors? Do you want to boost your sales and conversions?

We create awesome looking and fully responsive websites for niche clients in beauty, fashion, cosmetics, homewares, apparel, and all other base businesses worldwide. We've got industry experience to know how to really get into the searching strategy of your visitor and potential client, so we can make sure that everything about your site is geared towards search engine optimization - from naming your collections and products, linking strategies and fine tuning your site on a regular basis to stay on top of the competition.


Why do you need an AWESOME website? Because AWESOME Websites..

  • Boost sales. They showcase your products and services in an eye-catching and easy to read way. And that? Makes it easy for your customers to buy what you’re offering.
  • Provide a platform to share your story. After all, you want your message to be heard, loudly and clearly.
  • Keep you current. Let’s be honest - no one likes visiting a crappy, old, ugly (yup, I went there) website. You know your site needs a makeover. It’s 2016, let’s get it done!
  • Build relationships with clients. Websites are how people get to know you and your business. What kind of first impression does your current website give?

Maybe you have a site that...

  • You DIY’d and it worked for a while but just isn’t as professional looking as it needs to be
  • Was done professionally but it’s evident that your designer didn’t quite “get” what you wanted
  • Looks pretty but it doesn’t actually do its job (hello, we need conversions!)

Imagine having a website that not only looks amazing but also converts. Imagine working with a designer who gets your vision and knows how to represent it visually. Imagine loving your website so damn much you wanna shout your domain name from the rooftops. That is the kind of website I design.


I love working for passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to build a strong online presence. (I’m looking at you, business owners, bloggers, consultants, mentors, marketing specialists, artists, and writers and the most important entrepreneurs, the passionate ones!).

You can have the perfect website. You (and your business) deserve it.


I’ve been at the web design game for over 8 years. Designing sites around my client’s wants and needs is my zone of genius. Nothing makes me happier than creating websites for business owners that make them weak in the knees because they LOVE how it looks, and how well it converts.


Pricing varies depending on the scope and features of your ideal website. Here are some pricing ideas for your awesome business investment:

  • Store setup package starts at $2500USD
  • eStartup package starts at $5000USD
  • eWorks packages starts at $10,000+USD


If you think we're a good match, please contact me with your needs and I'll get back to you with a quote or you can use the live chat option.

Turnaround Time

There's no exact answer to this. The turnaround time will vary depending on the complexity of your project, how quickly you respond to our requests, as well as the size of your website. However, most web sites are completed within 6-8 weeks.

The Onboarding Process

  • Within 24-72 business hours of receiving your inquiry, we'll send you a quick questionnaire.
  • Once the questionnaire is received, you will receive a quote.
  • Book your project & sign a contract.
  • Process the payment (via PayPal or credit card).
  • Start the project!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.