Add product bundles & multiple items to the cart

Add more than 1 product to the cart with a single Add to cart click.

Perfect if you sell products that come in sets or want to add bundles.
Customisation Details

If you sell items that might often be sold in sets such as lingerie, swimwear, art & frames or even sports team replica kits then this tweak will change the way your customer's shop and encourage increased cart sizes and purchaes of additional products.

Our team will build a configuration into your store that will allow you to show additional products on a single product page which can be purchased together with the current product using 1 single Add to Cart button click. When used in tandem with Shopifys built-in discounts you can configure automatic discounts based on selection or keep all at the full price giving you total control and easy editing capabilities with no future code requirements.

What we will need:

  1. Admin access to your store
  2. Access to the themes section of the store
  3. Access to the products section of the store
  4. Access to the collections section of the store
  5. Access to the apps section of the store