This is our passion and we love what we do!

Dan Christie Designs was built in 2010. Go back 5 years before were we ran a very successful Fashion eCommerce (Shopify) online store plus a brick and mortar store.  We have had so much success over the years with people turning to us asking for advice and how we do it, that we have turned our hands on learning experience into who we are today, Shopify Experts and help guide startups into the online eCommerce world.

We love getting to help other people build their own dreams and helping our clients create a vision, work out a plan and launch their business. We get to share in that energy and excitement over and over again. And that we get to work with clients who—like us—are passionate and motivated.

Our goal is to think outside the box. We not only create beautiful looking and most importantly fully responsive websites for niche clients in beauty, fashion, cosmetics, homewares, apparel, and all other base businesses worldwide, We've got industry experience to know how to really get into the searching strategy of your visitor and potential client, so we can make sure that everything about your site is geared towards search engine optimization - from naming your collections and products, linking strategies and fine tuning your site on a regular basis to stay on top of the competition by creating a website design that is truly unique and tailored to your exact needs.

Passion is what makes our clients not only have an enjoyable working experience with us, but knowing we have been there and done it, and knowing it's not all rainbows and pancakes, It’s hard work. Are you ready for it? It’s now or never!

Business, it's not all Rainbows and Pancakes, It's Hard Work!