Product images lightbox

Let customers open, scroll and zoom in for a close-up inspection of your products.

Adding a lightbox based on Fancybox to your store will allow customers to click to enlarge product images and scroll through the others easily on any device. Updating with your variant images this adds a deeper layer to your customer engagement.

Our developers will add all needed code to automate this process across all current and future products. Anytime you add a new product this will take effect without additional changes. If installing a lightbox or any zoom functions to product images we do recommend using product images that are a minimum os 1200 x 1200px to ensure high quality.

What we will need:

  1. Admin access to your store
  2. Access to the themes section of the store
  3. Access to the products section of your store
  4. Store must have at least 1 product.