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Overview of Page Templates

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Using Page Templates

We offer many alternative templates to choose from to set up your online store! These alternative templates allow you to take advantage of different looks for your site and customise the design and layout of your Pages.

In order to use the templates, the theme will need to be published! The templates from which you can select are limited to the templates available in your currently published theme.

If you are unable to currently publish your theme and would still like to set up a theme specific template, we have instructions on how to access unpublished templates here.

Overview of Page Templates

Page.details Template

If you're looking to use the home page sections, on an internal page, look no further than the page.details template! The page.details template includes configurable content blocks that let you easily create a feature-rich custom page within the theme editor. 

Check out our article on the page.details template here Template

The template allows you to easily create a gallery without having to use a lot of complicated coding. All you have to do is upload images in the Page admin. 

Check out our article on creating a gallery page here Template

If you'd like to include a contact form on your shop that your customers can fill out to easily get in touch, you can use the template. In all Out of the Sandbox themes, the Contact page will also include a 'map' section, 'content' area where you can input some text, and ability to add an image – all which are optional.

Check out our article on the template here 

Page.faq Template

Template that you can use to answer commonly asked or important questions about your company, products, policies etc. This is a great place to put any shipping or order information as these are top questions from customers. 

The FAQ template is configured within the theme editor. 

Check out our article on the page.faq template here

Page.sidebar Template

The page.sidebar template will add a sidebar on the left-hand side of your page. Once you've created your page and assigned it the page.sidebar template, you can configure your sidebar in the theme editor (customise). From Online Store > Themes > customise > Navigate to your page.sidebar page > under Sections > Sidebar, you can add the content to your sidebar.

Check out our article on the ArtiStick theme's page.sidebar template here

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