Dan Christie Design Launches

Dan Christie Design Launches

We are a small sized business with a full range of Web Services including high quality Custom Website Design, Website Development and Social Media Marketing services Our clients range from small start-up businesses, to sizeable, brand recognisable organisations.

We set our prices at extremely competitive levels and offer unlimited design revisions with all websites we create, thus providing our clients with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We truly believe that we have got the quality/price balance spot on. We are the right choice if you’re looking for an affordable website that will turn visitors in to customers. That is what we all want isn’t it? YUP

Our highly skilled and dedicated team consist of Dan our Web Designer/Developer and Founder of Dan Christie Designs along with wife of 12years Christie who has spent the last 9 years working for News Corp Pty Ltd as an online and print Marketing Manager helping business in advertising to running her own Fashion eCommerce Company and now helping small business get off the ground running with there Marketing and Social Media as well as having Dan’s back, because that is what we are, The Awesome Team! We could go on for hours about us but we would rather hear about you, because we understand the limitations of going from $0 to profitable with an eCommerce store. Like you, we’ve been there. It’s not all rainbows and pancakes. It’s hard work. Some of the biggest challenges in eCommerce come after sales start to kick in. Staffing, design and marketing can break the bank if not done right. This is where you need us.

We know the amount of work, hours you are about to put into your business.

Let us help you get where you want to be going!


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Shopify
  • Reality, knowing what it takes to run a successful eCommerce business

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