Facebook groups are a hidden goldmine for businesses

Facebook groups are a hidden goldmine for businesses

Today, the chance that all of your brand's Facebook followers will see your posts is slim to none. Especially with some of the changes that Facebook plans to roll out in the future, such as prioritizing family and friends' posts on people's newsfeeds.  

Don't let this scare you, though. There's a better way to utilize Facebook.Facebook groups are the next best place to win customers and even make some friends along the way.

Facebook groups are a hidden goldmine for businesses. They are self-selected communities of like-minded individuals with shared interests. All of the people inside of them are talking, sharing and asking each other questions. It's not only a great listening device for tapping into your target audience's community, but also a place to share your expertise or product and gain loads of customers.

But before you start blasting group pages with your product keep in mind you will be kicked out of the group faster than you can say Facebook. With group pages your first steps are making sure to read the group rules, some groups allow business advertising on specific days so on the other days you could get involved with the group by asking a question related to your product and watch the comments come rolling in and this also is a great way to get feedback about your product.

However do keep in mind you don’t want to be entering some group pages as a staff member trying to advertise only, try creating a facebook account that you can use as a ‘’regular person’’ So when you are in these pages and you see someone ask a question or they are searching for a product you can always comment as a ‘’real person’’ for example, You are a retail fashion store who sell dresses right? In a group room someone is asking where can I find a little black dress? You sell little black dresses right? So you could take your ‘’real person’’ facebook and comment: Hey I shop at www……..com they have stunning LBD, here is there site hope this helps you out. BAM there is your business name in the group without breaking the rules as you are informing someone who is screaming for help to find you.

Ha while reading my new blog to Dan he laughed and said ‘’that’s a little sneaky’’ I laughed also and said well a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to build a business and grow. So while it might seem a little sneaky don’t worry because everyone is doing it so don’t get left behind by playing by the rules I mean after all this is business right? You want to be on top right? You want to kickass and grow right? RIGHT!

So what are you waiting for, get joining group rooms now and get involved with your audience ‘’customers’’ and always remember if you go in pushing for a sale it won’t happen, go in having fun and helping people find your brand that is what is going to grow your business.

Get Grouping and stay Awesome and why not join our group room while your at it, we are all about helping small business with marketing tips and anything and everything shopify and running your online store. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShopifyMADE/


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