Navigate through your Shopify website

Shopify's navigation menus allow businesses to organize and structure the content on their online stores in a way that is easy for customers to browse and find what they are looking for. The platform offers a few different options for creating navigation menus:

  1. Main menu: This is the primary menu on a Shopify store, and it typically appears at the top of the page. The main menu can be used to create high-level categories for products, such as "Clothing" or "Home & Garden."

  2. Footer menu: This menu appears at the bottom of the page and can be used to create secondary categories or link to pages such as the store's policy pages.

  3. Dropdown menus: Businesses can create dropdown menus that appear when a customer hovers over a main menu item. These can be used to create subcategories or provide additional information about a product category.

Businesses can customise their navigation menus by adding or removing items, changing the order of items, and specifying the links that each item should go to. The Shopify website builder makes it easy to create and customise navigation menus without needing to know any coding.

Overall, Shopify's navigation menus are an important tool for helping customers find what they are looking for on an online store.

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