Selling Via LIVE Video on Social Media

Selling Via LIVE Video on Social Media

A video is the most easiest and fastest way to build relationships with your audience. And a video is the best marketing strategy for 2017.

I know it can be scary to put yourself out there, especially on live video. But if you want to conquer the fear, you’ve gotta just do it and do it right! If you have an audience that’s already loving your product or products it’s time to show them how to use them or wear them.

You will hear so many say you be the face of your brand, I mean after all it’s your business right? I say NO WAY! Yes you might want to have a beautiful photo of you and your team on your about us page or a write up on the face behind the company but let’s face it we are in 2017, women and men are crazy for social media and hunting down the business owner because they have a bone to pick with them (YOU) because talking to a staff member just isn’t enough anymore.

How can I protect myself to grow my brand I'm sure you are asking right?

Get yourself some models or interns who want to get their foot in the industry and in an exchange offer them a reference or give them the product you sell. Try to find people who have a following on social media and make sure to point out they need to re-post and tag your company and be sure to create a youtube channel. Always be where your audience hang out. ( everyone is on youtube )

Now with Facebook Live around there’s no need of having to work with complicated platforms. Just pick up your mobile or tablet and start videoing and post it on social media. Then on the day you’ve scheduled to go live, you just go live! A plus for posting on Facebook Live is that your videos will get shared and seen by a lot more people.

So what are you waiting for? Someone right now is awake and ready to watch your first video! Go have FUN and make sure to show the fun side of your business on social media!

Good Luck

Christie x


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